Featured Speakers

Urinary carbonic anhydrase IX splicing messenger RNA variants in urogenital cancers

Mario Pazzagli
University of Florence, Italy
Breast Cancer Research

Using natural products from plants to understand mammalian cytoprotective mechanisms

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA
Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Therapy

Open Access Chemical Probes of Chromatin Regulators

Cheryl H Arrowsmith
University of Toronto, Canada
Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Therapy

Benefit cost analysis of three skin cancer public education mass-media campaigns implemented in New South Wales, Australia

Christopher Doran
Central Queensland University, Australia
Anti-Cancer Drug Discovery & Therapy

Mechanisms of Immortality and Tumor Evolution

Joseph F. Costello
University of California, USA
Cancer Immunotherapy

Evaluation of Cancer Stem Cells in patients with Cervical Cancer: another method for disease stratification

Elizabeth Ortiz-Sánchez
Associate Professor, Mexico
Cancer Screening

The Effectiveness of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) for Survivors of Breast Cancer: study protocol for a randomized controlled Trial

Jiayan Huang
Professor, China
Breast Cancer Research

Transperineal extralevator abdominoperineal excision performed by double laparoscopic approach with no position change

Zhongshi Xie
Third Hospital of Jilin University, China
Organ Specific Cancers and Effects

Awakening GSK3? (glycogen synthase kinase 3?), the resting conqueror, to fight against human oral epithelial cancer

Rajakishore Mishra
Central University of Jharkhand, India
Organ Specific Cancers and Effects

Clinical Significance of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 for Breast Cancer & Adenocarcinoma of Various Internal Organs

Yoshiaki Omura
NY Medical College, USA
Breast Cancer Research

Radiofrequency Thermoablation in locally advanced Breast Cancer

G. Santoro
di Dio e Ruggi d’Aragona- University Hospital , Italy
Breast Cancer Research

Impact of Modified ERBB2 Testing Guideline: A Substantial Increase in Equivocal Cases.

Renata A. Coudry
Sirio Libanes Hospital, Brazil
Breast Cancer Research

Doxorubicin and verapamil chemotherapy of metastatic breast cancer impairs the expression of type I IFN receptor-1 through ER-stress and autophagy

Srinivas Chava
Tulane University Health Sciences Center, USA
Breast Cancer Research

Comparison of toxicity profile and tolerability between two standard of care paclitaxel-based adjuvant chemotherapy regimens in breast cancer

Mohamed Alsharedi
Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, USA
Cancer Chemotherapy

The importance of naturopathy to improve immune function in oncology and the side effect of modern society

Atsutomo Morishima
Lavita Medical Clinic, Japan
Cancer Immunology

Emotional Intelligence In Cancer

Andreia Pereira-Teques
University of Salamanca, Spain
Cancer Nursing

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